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Application’s Main Window

Application’s Main Window

To clean up and hide in the Safe information about calls and text messages both sent and received from confidential phone numbers specified on the White List (sometimes called as Baby List or Parent List)

To reject phone calls and delete text messages from undesirable and troublesome phone numbers specified on the Black List.

Very simple to use.

Turn your smartphone into safe

Only few people know that better phones are able to save information about realized calls or sent or received SMS into two independent lists. You can delete message but more advanced user is able to find information about its sending in another list. Similar situation is with calls. Your troubles can arise if somebody unwanted gets hold of your mobile phone. You avoid it by installing the mobile application Black & White Guard which automatically cleans up confidential data on your mobile phone and save them into a Safe.

7 lists, 7 reasons for using Black & White Guard

The application guards all seven protocols available on a normal basis

  1. received messages,
  2. sent messages,
  3. confirmation of message delivery (delivery reports),
  4. missed calls,
  5. received calls,
  6. called numbers,
  7. overall communication protocol.

The application is published in two versions, Black & White Guard Pro, entitled to a free upgrade to any future version, and Black & White Guard Suricata, unlicensed to free upgrades. The Black & White Guard Pro, unlike Black & White Guard Suricata, must be activated. You can obtain the activation key by purchasing the application on the share-it! or Handango. The Black & White Guard Suricata is available on the Ovi Store.